The Clever Beauty adventure began during the studies of Maëva Bentitallah, its founder. Trained as a chemist, she saw her mother - a great fan of nail polish - transferring the remains of her nail polish into other bottles in order to finish them. Except that ... it's dangerous!

80% of the ingredients in conventional nail polish come from the oil industry, the same as in car bodies. Mixing different nail polishes together is dangerous: it can create unexpected reactions. - Maëva

Maëva observes, however, that her mother is right: the annual waste of varnish is enormous, estimated at 200 tonnes per year! She therefore decided to launch her project during her studies, using the Pépite scheme.

The first product: a bottle of varnish, with an anti-waste cap that allows you to use your varnish to the end. The packaging is also entirely recyclable. In addition to the company's eco-responsible approach, the products are manufactured in France and are socially responsible, with the employment of handicapped people at certain stages of the manufacturing process.

Three years after its creation, the company has developed well: 4 people in the team, new products (nail polish remover, nail polish remover) and a presence in 168 retailers in 7 countries.

A structured digital strategy thanks to Silvr

Despite its positive development, the company did not have a digital strategy in place before meeting Silvr.  

The e-commerce site worked, but nothing more, I did the advertising myself ... In short, it lacked investment and structure.

In addition to financing her advertising campaigns, Maëva needed support to become visible online. She found both at Silvr :

I find Silvr revolutionary! No bank would have followed me for this type of financing. Above all, they provide comprehensive support. I needed to professionalise my advertising, and they advised me on a digital agency. I achieved the expected ROI in just 3 months!

A strategy that was deployed gradually, starting with small budgets. This made it possible to test advertising performance by analysing KPIs after each campaign. The funding became more and more important as time went on and allowed Maëva to reach her sales targets. Sales attributed to marketing have jumped: +501% in January 2021.

Thanks to Silvr, I was able to deploy the full potential of my project. On my own, I would never have been able to invest so much in my digital strategy.

Results that give investors confidence

Maëva now has a digital strategy that works, with concrete evidence thanks to her tests. A real asset for Clever Beauty, in the process of raising funds:

With a structured digital strategy and the first results obtained, I was able to reassure incoming investors about the company's model. My turnover in January 2021 has increased by +78%. A year ago, I would not have had the same assets to convince investors. Thank you Silvr!

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